Hmm…So you are here, wanting to know who i am.
What of me ?  I am just a simple maverick. Contradicting, isnt it ?  And that precisely sums up who i am.
I am someone who cannot just be boxed into a definition. I am a bit of everything and have a bit  of everything – vice, virtue, vanity, valor and vaingloriousness.
Strictly by the record, I am a Finance Professional currently into Program Management in Business Intelligence. I am fascinated by Technology. I love Economics. I love books. I write  what i like to call as ‘poetry’.   I write in forums. I have an opinion about almost everything.
I am a rare Indian who doesnt like Tendulkar. I adore Steve Waugh and Rahul Dravid.
I know all the South Indian languages. I like to believe that i know my English.
I am who i am.



13 Responses to About

  1. Karthik Ranga says:

    Maverick .. huh 🙂

    You have done well for yourself bro – Stumbled upon your mind in the open (aka blog) from LinkedIn.


    Karthik R (may ring a bell from Wipro Peripherals days)

  2. xyz says:

    u r a nut case

  3. kunjuppu says:

    ooi hari,

    another blog for me to keep track 🙂

    good stuff !!

  4. Ashish Sinha says:

    Really nice one !!!

  5. Vishnu says:

    “I have an opinion about almost everything” says it all. Very nice articulation of free flowing thoughts. Keep it up.

  6. Ek Mamooli Aadmi says:

    Kya boss, solid funda de rahe kya ?

    Hamari purani aadat hai..jahan par bhi muft mein kuch bat tha hai, hum line mein lag jaate hain…..

    Ab se aapke bhi funde batorenge…. dete rahiye funda…

    Jai Ho !

    • Ek Mamooli Aadmi says:

      Partner, your view point on the state of affairs of CWG is based on western notion and criteria of assessment based on deadlines, targets, achievements , efficiency and financial propriety. You erred in assuming that this is what our lords wanted.

      You seem to be forgetting that the almighty has blessed us extremely gifted, enlightened fellows for managing our state of affairs , people who are ‘more practical’ and ‘down to earth’ than rest of us !

      Such enlightened fellows care two hoots for archaic western notions of performance appraisal !

      They attach more importance to the ability of the holy Indian cow ‘to milk itself’ and feed them and their brethren. After all, who has not heard the dictum – ‘Charity begins at home !’

  7. Manmohan Sharma says:

    Great Hari. good one.

  8. Pushpa says:

    Hey! Am glad I stumbled here. Really interesting and thought provoking write ups. You should continue writing. Cheers!

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