Time for the ‘right’ Right

The last few weeks have witnessed unprecedented mounting of agenda-driven, hatred-filled pressure on a Govt that is not averse to espousing a justified Hindu cause.

Ever since the landslide victory of Narendra Modi which saw him ascend to the top post, there has been a concerted effort to paint the Indian story in black. A fragmented and deeply corrupt opposition had to come together and create a “make-believe” plank of “secularism” to mount a scathing attack on a Government that still seems quite determined to fix a plethora of problems – core infrastructure, jobs, execution and cleanliness to just name a few.

The idea is quite simple : Since the opposition cannot usurp the ‘development plank’ of Modi Government, they had no choice but to resurrect a new one even at the cost of deepening the fault lines between communities, primarily Hindu and Muslim.

An egregious media which has now taken the form of a mafia is virulently against the government and has succeeded in magnifying what would otherwise be common place events in a less literate, chaotic India. By this, I don’t mean to justify the events but the attempts by media to portray as if India was previously a “garden of secularism” which is now sullied is being too clever by half. Prior to Modi Govt, this is the same India which witnessed the Sikh riots of 1984, a fact conveniently ignored by the media.

Anyways none of this is going to change in the short run and that’s neither the purpose of this post.

I am equally concerned and if I may say even appalled at the response of those who are claiming to support the ‘Hindu cause’ otherwise known as the ‘Right-wing’. Everywhere, be it in the internet or the social media, the “right wing” is caricatured as a lumpen, illiterate, uninformed motley group and derisively labelled as “Bhakts”.

It is quite sad that the ‘right-wing’ jumps to abuse without any invitation at all. Not only does it lower the discourse to abysmal levels but it results in ineffective countering of the evil designs of the pseudo-seculars / intellectuals and the media mafia.

Abuse is an ineffective tool because when one resorts to it, it signals the end of ‘reason’. Of course I don’t include use of wit or non-abusive repartees (even if personal) but indulging in broad brushing and dragging family members etc. are indications of a mind that’s incapable of reasoning.

Also I often find that the “right wing” defends the indefensible. One of the first lessons in argument is not to pick up cudgels for things that cannot be defended. For example, the bane of Hinduism is the caste system. While there are technical explanations of how Varna degenerated into castes etc.., much of this is lost on those who are keen to lump Hindus as a casteist community. Abusing such a person is to no avail. The proper response is to acknowledge the evil of castes but also point out the great strides that the Hindu society has made and is still making. The Abrahamic religions on the other hand have degenerated because they’ve blindly adopted the caste system. The very fact that there are ‘Dalit Christians / Muslims’ is proof enough that there’s no caste fungibility upon conversion.

It is important for those professing allegiance to the Hindu cause to be seen as erudite, saner and a confident community that is capable of defeating the pseudo seculars by force of their argument and not by abuse.
The “right wing” shouldn’t also deter from castigating and ostracizing those lumpen elements who don’t do the Hindu cause any good by their abusive behavior. It will indeed be a very sad day for Indian society if “right wing” becomes synonymous with abuse.

It is time indeed for the “right” Right to represent us.


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