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Forced to use public transport yesterday, I had this sudden brainwave that  city buses have such symbolic importance in transforming our country, albeit momentarily, into a true socialist republic. Oblivious to all those high-powered, Armani suit clad, Harvard B-School educated investment bankers and unmindful of all kinds of valuation models – Asset Based, DCF, P/E based – commuters in my bus were happily buying Banks and Corporations.

‘Saar Ondu Sony’ (One ticket to Sony Center Bus stop)

‘Iredu Canara Bank kodi’ (Two tickets to Canara Bank Koramangala Branch Bus stop).

India, where we live in modicum of everything – governance, justice, propriety, democracy – wonder whether the Communists should be happy with the level pegging that typifies our city bus services


The bus travel also clearly proved to me the “real place of a man” in a household. Lest friends think that i am too much into eavesdropping, the conversation between two women, was so loud that it couldnt escape anyone.

So, here is the conversation between 2 women in the bus, apparently school buddies, meeting after a long time.

First Woman (FW) : ‘Hey <Name not clear>…How are you ?’

Second Woman (SW) :’I am well, How are you’

FW : Doing good

SW : So you are back to Bangalore (presumably FW was Onsite !)

FW : Yeah

SW : Now you are with ?

FW : Yahoo

SW : You are at the same place ?

FW : <smiles, a bit embarassed ?, I wouldnt know>, y-e-a-h

SW : Such a big house for the 2 of you ?

FW : But, you know, I have a dog !

Me : No comments !!!!!!!!


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