A moment to savor

The moment that all Indians were waiting, hoping, yearning, stoning & praying for, ever since Kapil Dev Nikhanj held the Prudential Cup in 1983 finally arrived on the 2nd of April.

Yes, the World Cup has returned to the cupboards of BCCI and the coffers of the players has just started jingling. No one is complaining.

At the outset I have to admit that I am not the greatest fan of Indian cricket, though I dearly adore Gavaskar, Dravid, Laxman to name a few. I predicted a Pak vs SL finals, which was evidently possible, culminating into a win for the Lankans.

Indian team proved me wrong as they won 3 high-pressure, high-profile matches to win the coveted trophy.

Beyond the cricketing reasons, the most important reason for this win is the self-belief that this team had. The self-belief of a nation that wants to progress against all odds – corruption, political bickering, lack of governance – to name just a few.

Starting on a slow note, the competition picked up steam once the minnows had been dealt with. The clash of the titans – India vs England and India vs South Africa – in India’s group proved to perfect advertisement for the ‘one day’ format.

I am a bit skeptical about this ‘Group format’ in World cup for I truly believe that in a WC every country should play against each other. It is hugely gratifying that India played all the top nations and having thrashed New Zealand earlier, proved to be worthy winners.

The win was possible only due to careful long-term planning and having the right resources when it mattered. This is a great template for other team sports in India especially Hockey where I believe that India can be among the very best.

The Indian fan beast has been fed, but I am sure, he will be hungry very soon. Dhoni  and his men would only know too well that reaching a pinnacle is far easier than staying there.


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