Singh is a blind King


The more I think of it, the more I am convinced about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s political career closely resembling that of Akshay Kumar. Not just because Akshay played an affable Sardar in one of his now rare Hits.

Akshay doesn’t know where he is going to get his next success, if at all, much like Dr Singh wondering if there would ever be a positive reference about his Government

Akshay seems to be making all the wrong moves in terms of his movie choices just like Dr Singh is doing. And for part time Akshay was recently seen with amateur cooks in a cooking contest just as Dr Singh unwittingly seems to be leading a bunch of amateur cooks (experts !) trying to cook up claims of no loss in the spectrum scam.

If the Prime Minister’s meeting with leading, hand-picked journalists is anything to go by, then the nation has much to worry. Dr Singh, unfortunately is neither blessed with the oratorical skills of a Vajpayee nor does he have a powerful voice like Amitabh for instance. So it isn’t surprising that the ‘drama’ of meeting the press to shore up public opinion in favour of the Government fell flat on it’s face.

Honesty and candidness are very noble virtues no doubt, but they are not valued when offered as excuses for inaction. Dr Singh didn’t have any qualms in admitting his inaction but the reason that he offered was shocking to say the obvious.  That the Prime Minister of this country didn’t feel empowered enough to intervene in a scam happening right under his nose must say a lot, either about his competence or his nose ! (That he couldn’t smell it)

The adjective ‘prime’ prefixed to the post of Minister, making him the Prime Minister is more than just semantic. It is a clear fixation of the principal responsibility of Governance with the person who heads the Council of Ministers. Hence the statement of Dr Singh that A Raja promised transparency in the allocation of spectrum  which precluded him from intervention isn’t convincing at all.

Dr Singh’s role as the Prime Minister isn’t just to seek transparency from his Ministerial colleague but to ensure the same and to provide oversight if he had any reasons to doubt. As much as I respect the Prime Minister, I have to say that in this case he has not only made a gross error of judgement but is also guilty of abdicating responsibility if his statement is to be taken at face value.

For too long the UPA has been riding on the personal integrity of the Prime Minister. He is a man of considerable learning and a proven performer as the architect of India’s liberalization. But those are past laurels. His track record in Governance has been apathetical and extremely patchy.

I am also amazed that the Prime Minister doesn’t make a distinction between Government and Politics. The formation of a Government is the end result of political formations no doubt but there is no room for party politics in Government. Hence to say that he had compulsions as head of a coalition Government is extremely poor reasoning. Coalition or not, the prerogative of the Prime Minister as the head of the Council of Ministers can never be undermined. He could have either sacked Raja without waiting for his Gopalapuram boss or moved him to another Ministry.  The Prime Minister’s claim of helplessness due to coalition politics is extremely worrisome for the cause of good governance in this country.

I am also worried as to whether Dr Singh, the economist – prime minister is now becoming a politician – prime minister. Is this what it is all coming to Dr Singh that you would do anything to stay in power ? I hope it isn’t true else it would be extremely appalling as to what the political system of this country can do to a man of such high values.

Dr Manmohan Singh is extremely well read so this is probably something he knew all along. But I feel it is apt to quote to Dr Singh one of the famous quotes of Martin Luther King.

The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict. As a practicing Sikh, I hope Dr Singh realizes his moral folly.

All the television analysts who tried to decipher various aspects of the Prime Ministers interaction with the press missed one obvious point, the one that concerns me.

Dr Singh refused to demit office saying that he has “unfinished business”. If his way of doing business would remain what it is today, that is turning a blind eye to everything,  then it is an extremely scary prospect for the common man of this country.


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