If you reshuffle the same pack, you’ll get the same Jokers


It has come and gone, that is the much anticipated Cabinet reshuffle.  Except for Raja who had to step down, the Union Council of Ministers remains the same, except for a few elevations and portfolio changes.

Anyone who expected a “major reshuffle” must know that the typical congress response to a crisis is inaction.  Just stopping short of inaction, the reshuffle only reiterates the sycophantic culture of the Congress.

It is very clear to the Ministers that as long as they don’t cause a crisis of confidence in 10 Janpath, they can take the nation for granted. Before getting down to actual performance, they know very well that Congress leadership has to deal with camp loyalties, caste arithmetic, poll strategies etc that there was very little possibility of heads rolling.

As the nation is getting pounded with crisis on every front – economic, security, it is appalling that the two principal political parties of the country offer poor choice to the citizens. You choose either corruption or communalization signifying a choice between a rock and a hard place.

Commentaries which compare India and Pakistan have often extolled the democratic credentials of India. I fear that the democratic merit of India is getting continuously dented by the invisible strings of political control that seems to overshadow Governance.

How different will India be if actual political power rests with 10 Janpath much like Kayani controls the political heads at Islamabad ?

I am amazed at the ability of the Prime Minister to silently suffer such indignation of having to partner nincompoops, scoundrels and scamsters merely to stay in power. Certainly Dr Singh has better alternatives than the career of  a Prime Minister.

It is somewhat tiring to keep saying that the Prime Minister is an honorable man but personal integrity counts for very little if he cannot inspire his team to follow his example. That the country’s top man cannot put his foot down on his council of ministers is certainly worrisome for the future of democracy in this country.

As I scanned the portfolios of the Ministers, I found it amusing that the PM (perhaps by convention) retained the portfolio of “Space”.  I suspect that he may have very little to offer to our space scientists in terms of technical input but the choice of the ministry may actually reflect the “need” of the Prime Minister as he attempts to run this country.


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