Awards 2010 – Part 2

The concluding part of my Awards for 2010 is as under :

a)      The  ‘Best in Multi-tasking’ Award for 2010 : Goes to Shane Warne who destroyed 2 marriages & 1 relationship in one-go – his own ; Arun Nayar & another Aussie

b)      The ‘Deve Gowda political decency’ Award for 2010 : Goes to ….who else but Deve Gowda himself who took political discourse to a new level with his choicest words reserved for his opponents. Last heard that Deve Gowda will be penning a book on “Political Decorum” whose title will be ‘$!@@**!&’

c)       The ‘Boomeranging news break’ Award for 2010 : Goes to sections of Indian media  caught unawares by their own brethren who chose to make “The Tapes” public. Used to grilling political leaders, it must have been difficult for a few to get a dose of their own medicine

d)      The ‘Gabbar Singh ‘ Award for 2010 : Goes to Arnab Goswami of Times Now who terrorized children, patients and old persons with his passionate sensationalism of anything & everything in ‘The News hour’ debate. The award is named after ‘Gabbar Singh’ who famously said in Sholay that mothers used his name to terrorize children and put them to bed.  Suffice to say that Arnab had a similar effect.

e)      The ‘Demystifying Technology’ Award for 2010 : Goes to A Raja who simplified the technology debate of 2G and 3G by simply comparing them to his leader’s PDS rice and Basmati rice respectively.

f)       The ‘Captive Revenue Generation’ Award for 2010 : Goes to Mamata Banerjee who ensured that Railways earned more ‘freight  revenues’ by transporting her department’s files to Kolkatta than by carrying goods. Now if this isn’t the cleverest piece of captive revenue generation, I wonder what is.

g)      The ‘Transferring Genie to a Bigger Bottle’ Award for 2010 : Goes to the Ayodhya dispute.  After a “quick dispute resolution” lasting only 60+ years, the genie was let out albeit briefly for a few days only to be put into a “bigger bottle” (Supreme Court). Rahul Gandhi’s great  great grandson has a sure shot chance of asking the country to be calm before the verdict in 2095

h)      The ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’ Award for 2010 : Goes to Jagan Reddy who took a “branch” out of the Congress book and sought to capitalize on his father (YSR’s) legacy and thereby imitating the Congress’s political maxim of ‘sycophancy’. Actually by doing what he did, he proved that he is a “true congressman” contrary to what his detractors say.   Just 3 younger than Rahul Gandhi, he has a real good chance of creating the South Indian version of “10 Janpath”.

i)        The ‘Age is no barrier’ Award for 2010 : Goes to 2 persons for different reasons. The first winner of course is Rajnikanth who proved his “metal” in the film Robot and romanced Aishwarya twice over. The second winner is Narayan Dutt Tiwari. Do I have to justify ?

j)        The ‘Silence of the Lamb’ Award for 2010 : Goes to our beloved PM Dr Manmohan Singh who maintained a stoic silence as governance was mercilessly slaughtered in his Government. As he reckons himself to be  a “loyal lamb” waiting to be sacrificed at the altar of “Rahul Gandhiji’s” ascendency to the “throne”, he perhaps didn’t have too many choices. But an award is recognition for his “unflinching loyalty to the cause of inaction” and so he is the deserving winner for this “prestigious award”.


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  1. Mandax says:

    Hari – as usual amusing and informative. Keep it coming !

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