Signing off 2010

Hello friends,

Wishing you and your family a very happy, peaceful & prosperous new year 2011.

A prominent forum that I participate in had a thread dedicated to one of the posters, who is an excellent short story writer. While some of us, yours truly included, have written some “short stories”, the member that I refer to had the unique knack of including a useful message in his stories.

I vividly remember a story in which he explains the predicament before God as to which “vice” should he curse the mankind with.  Laziness, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Apathy, Phobia etc. vie with each other to be the ‘chosen one’ when one of the vices speaks up.

‘Listen O creator, you would be sending only one of the vices if you choose others ; Choose me and everyone would follow suit’ said the vice.

The creator smiled and chose that vice ; And that vice was ‘procrastination’.

While I am certain that no one terribly missed reading my blog, nothing explains my inaction except procrastination, the King of all Vices.

It is amazing as to how procrastination can suddenly creep in, without warning and takes someone off his chosen path.  Procrastination first grows in you, then with you and finally on you. I don’t even believe that from being someone who checked the blog atleast a dozen times in a day, I stopped seeing it for months together.

I wasn’t taking, what is now fashionably called,  a ‘creative break’ – for that one needed to be creative in the first place. I hit an ‘air pocket of mental fatigue’ unable to form any views or opinions on anything happening around me. The period of ‘mental blindness’ which  I went through, I believe,  is as debilitating as vision blindness. In my mind, I felt like a freshly painted blackboard and I just couldn’t find anything to write.

I thank all of you for your support and those of you who asked me about my sudden silence, thanks yet again. The only motivation that I found in this period is the fact that some of my friends really wanted me to write again. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for pushing me to break free of my procrastination.

Enough said.

As we bid farewell to 2010 to enter into the second decade of the 21st century, I am back with my take on some awards for 2010.

Awards are important for 3 reasons in my view

a)      For those who announce the awards, it is time to play Judge, Jury and if I may daresay God

b)      For those who receive the awards, it is time to bask in all the attention and glory, there’s no guarantee for ‘good times’ isn’t it

c)       Third of course is all the money that everyone else makes – the Channels, the papers, Ad agencies, Jury et all.

I have to obviously fulfill this solemn duty of announcing my own awards for 2010, albeit with a small twist : I would focus on those awards which seem to interest no one.

So here are my awards :

a)      The  “passing the muck” Award for 2010 : Goes to Sheila Dikshit who announced no less than 5 different dates by which Delhi will clear the rubble caused by the construction mess, courtesy the CWG

b)      The “you didn’t miss it film” Award for 2010 : Goes to Akshay Kumar who gave a series of listless movies that you could afford to miss not any but all of them. And going by the trend as noticed in TMK, Akshay is sure to retain this award for 2010.

c)       The “miles(tones) to go before I sleep” Award for 2010 : Goes to Sachin Tendulkar who scripted ODIs first double-ton and the 50th Test ton both in the same year.

d)      The “desperate Son of a Gun” Award for 2010 : Goes to Digvijay Singh who continues to embarrass his party and the nation for cheap political gains.

e)      The “reinvented national game” Award for 2010 : Goes to ‘Scams’.  Period.

f)       The “All izz well” Award for 2010 : Goes to Suresh Kalmadi.  Falling over bridge or ceiling, nothing could deter him from claiming to host the “best ever CWG” and later proving that the only thing common about these games was the wealth that he and his coterie made.

g)      The “WMD i.e. Weapon of Mental Destruction” Award for 2010 : Goes to Veena Malik. With her over the top pouting, fake emotions and her contribution to  pronunciations like Ash-met she achieved what Musharraf, ISI and the Taliban couldn’t do to India – Inflict more than a ‘1000 cuts’ on Indian sensitivities every day !

h)      The “How to cross a line” Award for 2010 : Jointly awarded to Asif, Aamer and Salman Butt. And also revitalizing the concept of ‘Kicking Butt’.

i)        The “Victim of Technology” Award for 2010 : Goes to Shashi Tharoor who used Twitter almost exclusively to script his own downfall. With such penchant for self-destruction he hardly needed any enemies.

j)        The “Wrestling Champion” Award for 2010 :  Goes to the hapless Indian common man who grapples with price rise, power cuts, official apathy and lack of governance for his survival. Hope being his only life jacket, he continues to live on to fight another day.

(Awards to be continued)


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One Response to Signing off 2010

  1. And who said that taking a break is bad? Whatever the reason may be, everyone is entitled to a break, and to a period of listless procrastination. The writer in you in any case could not be suppressed for long, and it had to re-emerge, and re-emerge it has!

    Welcome back. I look forward to reading some good stuff again!

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