How about real work for a change ?


Really didn’t intend to be back this way but was moved to write these few lines. The “return of terror” in Varanasi which killed an innocent, unsuspecting child is the most heinous act of those who are inimical to human sensibilities.

I hope this doesn’t mark the beginning of worse things to come as claimed in the “mail”. Even as one is grieving for the child, the banal statements of those in power come as a real shocker.

It is difficult to man such a huge, populous country, I concede. But are there visible, on-ground improvement in handling of the inland security, I wonder. In the next few days, there would be considerable “arnabization” of news (for those who don’t know, hyper Arnab Goswami of Times Now) but will it change anything ?

For how long will we get “lip sympathy” as a substitute for real action ?

I have high regards for P Chidambaram, but Mr Home Minister, how about some real work for a change ?


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