The tale of two Rahuls

Last week I was deeply engrossed in a debate relating to the MoEF’s disapproval of the Vedanta project. While I am a confirmed “news addict”, the added attraction to the debate was the presence of 2 good speakers, the very fluent Jay Panda of the BJD and Sachin Pilot of the Congress.

As the debate took it’s usual predictable political discourse with each party – Congress, BJD and BJP – blaming each other, the debate also took a curious turn when the role of “Rahul Gandhi” was discussed.

While the BJP representative on the discussion panel alleged that the timing of the decision was “suited” to Rahul’s advantage to play messiah to the tribals, expectedly, Sachin pilot defended ‘Rahul-ji’.

On a completely different note, I am amazed about the extent of inculcation within Congress about the supremacy of the legacy. Barely few years apart, even if at all, Sachin pilot’s “ji-ing” of Rahul was certainly amusing.

Back then, the debate on  “Rahul’s role” as much as BJP may want to deny, is a clear indication of the “impact” that Brand Rahul is creating, denting BJP’s fortunes significantly.  By refusing, albeit temporarily to take over the mantle of prime ministership, Rahul has proved that he has a “clever mind” on his shoulders.

He wants to first establish himself politically and be acceptable to the masses so that he can take upon emerging political threats.  On a serious note, the only credible hurdle that Rahul has is Mayawati.

The lady has the age, gumption and most importantly mass appeal among the disadvantaged sections of the society. And just to make the picture perfect, she is incorrigibly corrupt like the Congress itself.

So Rahul baba is busy creating his “own legacy” to add to his blue-blood-nehruvian credentials.

Even as I was reflecting upon the huge strides of Rahul the politician, again over the weekend, the other Rahul, the enfant terrible Rahul Mahajan was in news.  To the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t done anything more sacrilegious in the past week (than what he had done before), he was being interviewed, I understood for a “status update” of his marriage.

What he responded wasn’t half as important as the ‘name card’ that the channel put up for him. Rahul Mahajan – Reality TV Star.

While the title itself isn’t anyways inglorious, certainly not as dubious as “porn star” or some such thing, the title reflects the yawning gap between what he could have been and what he has made himself to be, a four legged creature included.

I couldn’t help wonder the opportunity that Rahul Mahajan has lost especially given the political lineage that he has – Pramod Mahajan’s son and Gopinath Munde’s nephew.

Along with Dewang Mehta, Pramod Mahajan played a stellar role during the NDA regime to put the Indian IT industry on the world map.  While we lost Dewang to nature,  Pramod’s life was cut-short by sibling rivalry.

Just as the twenty somethings of the “Emotional Athyachar” or the rave-partying spoilt kids, Rahul pampered himself to the point of complete destruction.

He could have been a fantastic replacement for Pramod, both in terms of lineage and the youth factor, but in choosing unwisely, Rahul let the opportunity slip through his hands.

Strangely Rahul Mahajan’s case, in my view, significantly dampens  BJP’s argument of “Congress legacy”. Before even that, it has to be admitted that sycophancy of any political party is not the business of it’s opposition, even for the sake of assuming a moral high horse, BJP cannot keep insisting that Rahul has been  “planted” into leadership. On the contrary, given his track record, if ever Rahul Mahajan is inducted into the BJP, it is certain to face very discomforting questions.

The success of Rahul Gandhi and the abject failure of Rahul Mahajan brings into view an important facet of legacy.

It isn’t just important to have a legacy, it is of very little use, if one isn’t able to build upon it.

Rahul Mahajan has only himself to blame, if the dimpled, bespectacled and future son-in-law of Columbia Raul aka Rahul becomes the Prime Minister of India while he continues to languish as a “reality TV star”.


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