The athyachar of intellect

We are a nation of extreme reactions to anything new.  Either we adopt a completely defensive mindset (sometimes radical I should say) to the point of depravation or we take it to the point of “over indulgence”

Take for example T20.  It was essentially invented for the British who wanted a game of cricket after work but which doesn’t stretch them late into the night.  So a game of 20 overs a side, T20, was invented.

We took to it like “fish to water” and spawned off a new business venture – IPL – almost threatening the existence of the longer versions. This is one example.

The other example that I intend to discuss in this note is the case of “reality television”.   First it was the era of Doordarshan – Chitrahar, Humlog, Buniyaad – strictly rationed in terms of timings and controlled content.  Satellite television ushered in the era of 24 hours channels which initially were fully based on film content and later ventured to the soap operas.

Just when we thought that nothing new could be offered on Televisions, “Reality Television” dawned upon us.  Emotions all types were peddled on the small screen in the garb of “reality TV”.  Where real emotions didn’t exist, they were faked or created.

We now have people getting married, finding lovers, learning to manage kids, staying with strangers cut-off from the world and funnily getting “justice”.

If this wasn’t enough abhorrent already, we have a new variant of the reality TV, a show called “emotional athyachar”. It isn’t really new I am told as it is into the second ‘season’ but last week was the first ever time I had to suffer “watching it”.

The format may very well be “phoren” but has been sufficiently indianized to suit the “palate” of our countrymen. It is a show where someone could request a “loyalty test” of the love of their life and then see for themselves how their beloved one fares in the test.

If this isn’t already mind numbingly dumb, the show tries to prop itself to be a professional detective agency  with carefully laid out “plans” to entrap using their gadgets.

Words like “subject” referring the person undergoing the “loyalty test” and “crew” for the motley gang are thrown about.  Wait, and the person who tries to ‘induce’ the “subject” into felony is gloriously named as “under cover agent”  as if he or she is the most famous M16 agent, James Bond.

The subjects and the object (my own word for the person administering the test) are 20 somethings, rich, spoilt brats of metros like Delhi who get in and get of relationships like boarding a metro.  Just for the sake of a cheap two hour publicity, they pretend to be “deeply in love and emotionally attached” with their lover.

When the subject is a male, the woman sheds copious tears seeing her man flirt with the “agent”.  If the subject is a female, the male turns macho uttering “blipped-expletives” and gripping his fist.

Most of the “reality” stuff that we get to see in this show is of extremely poor quality video and audio, mainly due to the hidden cameras.

The narrator is another desperate headline seeker from the reality show Big Boss who once threw the food into swimming pool only to be crying in the next 3 episodes.

I really wonder whether 80% of India is really concerned about these rich, spoilt kids faking their emotions on TV.  And why on earth is it necessary for us to know whether or not someone is faithful to his/her love interest.

Come on guys, can we get real (pun intended) here ?

I think in India we are perilously close to a situation where none of our bedrooms can have doors or windows.  We are becoming a nation obsessed with lives of others.  We are fast degenerating into a nation of nasty peeping toms.

I really don’t care who is living with whom and who is dating whom and for worse who is sleeping with whom.

Why should it matter at all to others what one person does in his/her personal life.

If this stupid emotional athyachar had me fuming another show which has just been announced sank my heart further.  Rakhi Sawant it seems is going to dispense justice. Oh good lord, don’t  we have conscientious people in this country any more ? Is our justice system having such malaise that we have to look upto “Rakhi Sawant” for justice.

Give me a break guys !

This mindless reckless rat race among the channels has resulted in Rakhi Sawant being positioned by one channel to take upon another which has a similar program anchored by Kiran Bedi.  While Dr Bedi herself may not have covered herself with glory by agreeing to participate in such a phony show, to bring down the system to jurisprudence to the level of Rakhi Sawant is the worst insult to the cause of justice.

Certainly Dr Amartya Sen didn’t mean “Rakhi Sawant” when he wrote about the “The Idea of Justice”.

I really think that all those who patronage such shows should revisit their support which helps in boosting the TRPs.  As a country which aspires to play a leadership role in the comity of nations, it is important that we protect our intellect from such intellectual athyachars.

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2 Responses to The athyachar of intellect

  1. Dinesh says:

    The pleasures of vicarious living! we deplete our energies with such shows, draining it out in useless fantasy, speculation, and voyeurism. Question is: do most people want to live any other way?

  2. pradeep says:

    What about English News channels ? Interviewers in quite a few channels consider themselves as judge, jury and above all, executioners ! The way it is going we could even find news channel sponsoring news “events”, sensational enough to provide fodder for a few days to chew. Wonder who is their to bell the cat !

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