Inception : Real Cinema about Realism

Attempting to write something about Inception after just one viewing is a bit like trying to be an economist after reading one newspaper article. So without trying to be too adventurous about “my understanding” of the movie, I dedicate this post only to the sheer wonderment of a venture like Inception.

For all those who were thinking that qualitatively Indian cinema was getting closer to Hollywood, this movie is a sound rap on the knuckles and strangely in the context of the movie, a wake-up to reality. While our movies may have bridged the technological gap, Inception has clearly proved that we are way behind in terms of the quality of themes.

I went to the movie with the barely concealed excitement and certainly I wasn’t disappointed.  I reached the movie hall braving a sudden downpour and it was actually worth getting fully drenched.

The movie, in my view has opened up a new genre of cinema, the genre of “perceptive cinema”. To each viewer his own. This is as close to “personalizing a movie” as it can get.

One may argue that computer graphics have played a huge part in the movie but that’s the “executional aspect” of the movie.  The visuals without doubt contribute to the “aura” of the movie but long after you have left the theatres, the brilliance of the movie continues to captivate you.

I haven’t seen any movie till date which required such unflinching attention and concentration.  Every scene of the movie has an impact and is a “dot” that one needs to remember to connect.

The movie raises serious “questions” on the concept of “reality” and makes a case for “reality as a perception” rather than “existential reality”. It is a brave thought and ahead of the current times.

But given the fact that as we continue to explore “time and space” and the possibility of human migration to other planets, the concept of ‘reality’ as we understand today could be seriously challenged.

The internet is full of various “theories and interpretations” about the movie which is not only a fantastic advertisement for those who haven’t seen it but also an enriching experience for someone who has seen it and can now “benchmark” his understanding with others.

I am not going to try “benchmarking” my understanding till I sit for another screening. I have to admit that right at this moment I haven’t been able to grasp the entire essence of the movie but hopefully I would be able to once I view it again.

For those who wondered what is “impact cinema”, this is it.

The best tribute I read about this movie is from a “online friend” who wrote that he is even ready to  stick posters of this movie.

As a tamilian, I place a humble request to the tamil film directors :

Please do not try remaking this movie casting Vijay or Simbhu with ‘punch dialogues’.

And to ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ (World Hero !) Kamal, this is beyond you. Please don’t “push yourselves” to do this with 18 different roles to just cast Tamanna or Anushka opposite you.

Please leave inception alone to it’s viewers.  Please.


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One Response to Inception : Real Cinema about Realism

  1. a grand jovian says:

    hmmm nice movie. But still the core of “entering into other’s dreams” is taken from a Japanese anime “Paprika”

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