Football World Cup 2010 : Key Takeaways

Now that the showpiece event hosted by Bafana Bafana has ended up with the cup in Espana’s lap, it is time to do a review of the month long extravaganza.

Every magazine and sports writer worth it’s/his salt are doing the analysis so I have follow suit as a representative of the blogging world.

So here’s the list of my top 5 takes from the World Cup 2010

a)      Bankable Stars are just that…er…good for the banks

The world cup will be remembered as much as for the success of the new stars such as Mueller of Germany as it would be for the failure of the “stars”. Rooney, Kaka,  Christiano Ronaldo, Terry were just terrible.  I am leaving out Messi because he tried his best and showed flashes of his brilliance many times.  The huge stars with their huge egos boosted by their massive bank accounts did nothing of worth on the field except that they were good for the ad-men and their banks.

b)      Germany shows the way

Germany is fast becoming the England of the cricket team. With imported talents from Poland (Klose and Podolski) and Turkey (Ozil and Khadira) the Germans have come a full circle in their social sphere from the days of their Fuehrer. Infact most of the European teams (France, England, Holland, Germany) had players of African origin signifying the cultural integration that their societies have undertaken.  Something for India to learn from.

c)       It is a team game dammit

This world cup reiterated the view that the game is actually to be seen as a proper game and not like ‘2 minute maggie’ – looking for one moment of magic.  The tendency to look for one moment of magic resulting in the glamour boys holding on to the ball for longer than what is required.

The defenders crowd the glamour boys as soon as they get the ball and they are repeatedly given the ball based only on their reputation rather than the actual field position. Games cannot be won by merely sending the ball to a Kaka or Ronaldo or Rooney. If it were that simple, this wouldn’t be the beautiful game.

Football should essentially remain a team game , a game of equals where a team combines to score the goal and not overly dependent on the individual.

To this cause, the failure of the so called ‘playmakers’ is heartening

d)      Have ball will win

Football at the very basic is scoring more goals than the opposition. And how does one score goals ?

Goals are scored when you have the possession of that damn ball.  And none proved it better than Espana both in the finals and the semi-final versus Germany.  Their possession strategy is clearly illustrated in the fact that the person with the maximum passes and complete passes  in the entire world cup was their mid-field master Xavi Hernandez.

So long range drivers and over reliance on set pieces (a la David Beckham) have not proved too successful. Building up to the goal the good old way is the right way more amplified by the lovely goal by Quagirella (or some such name) from the land of Sonia ji, Italy, albeit in a losing cause against Slovakia. The goal of the tournament, according to me.

e)      Inspiring power of the game.

The power of football or sport for that matter to inspire a nation can never be underscored.  The rainbow nation of South Africa already a power house in Cricket and Rugby was looking for a third sport to aspire for greatness.  And no I am not referring to Jacob Zuma’s 4th or 5th wife, that is certainly not a sport.

Before the tournament, Bafana was called as the joker of the pack.  They responded admirably by knocking out over-rated Frenchmen in an inspired display of football.

South Africa bought it’s right of participation by being the host nation, I hope the win would inspire them to earn their right of participation in the next edition in 2014 in Brazil.

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2 Responses to Football World Cup 2010 : Key Takeaways

  1. Ganesh Kini says:

    Hi Hari,

    Right time for the article..but I guess you missed a few very important feature of the worldcup..

    Vuvuzela : Who can forget this most HEARD about feature of this world cop? This one created a havoc in all the matches, made the fans across the world go for the earplugs..but as one magazine described this best as “its irritating only to the who ain’t owning one”..very true, as the same fans across the globe who were in stadium were blowing their heart(lungs) out with this famous Vuvuzela..surely, I would feel something amiss in next few football matches on TV, world cup or not.

    Paul the Predictor – This famous Octopus, left many theories running wild. No doubt, as the world cup reached towards the finals, player’s more weary of this creature..not for its eight legged threat but for the prediction it makes..Germans just cant wait to put their hands (forks??) on this infamous ( for German) creature and hence has become the highly endangered creature right now.
    Had it been in India, it would have enjoyed its own temple, an ashram, a caretaker Baba as well. Probably would have a title “baba Ashtananda” ..(ashta = 8)??

    Lastly, South Africa has something in it which makes every sporting mega event more colourful and it our own DESI IPL in SA or the foot ball, it all gets more colourful at south africa. Fans are always cheerful, they just seem to party throughout..Hatsoff to the truly RAINBOW nation..

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