IPL : Modi, Money and More – Part I

Years ago the nation was the witness

To cricket becoming full time business

National pastime turned into a venture

Only to be sullied and preyed by vulture

India’s own Global brand, we felt proud

Standing out from the motley crowd

Indian Premier League, it was christened

With the rich and famous, set to glisten

City rights bought for multi millions

Money took over, game just a pillion

Players bought like cattle in a fair

In auctions held in full public glare

Head honchos or movie stars : They all came

Those who had purse strings and a name

Little they knew anything about the game

Their knowledge putting us in utter shame

Owning teams became a matter of pride

For ego and money, IPL gave a mega ride

Toying with every aspect of the game

Six, Four & Wickets all got a new name

Purists shocked, their hearts sank

As IPL laughed ,it’s way to the bank

It was money  money everywhere

But for the game, they had none to spare

India took to the league of it’s own

Dancing girls, commentators as clown

It was a product for the showmen

Not for bowlers or the batsmen

Modi , the man firmly in charge

Heralded as the game’s demi-god

IPL was what everyone now wanted

Modi asked : The ICC simply granted

Team mates played against each other

National duty was nobody’s bother

Sachin, Ricky, Ganguly all signed up

More millions, they willingly lapped up

What modi touched, turned to gold

Tickets and merchandise fully sold

There should ofcourse be no surprise

Afterall cricket is India’s largest enterprise


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One Response to IPL : Modi, Money and More – Part I

  1. kunjuppu says:


    with the world economy going down the tubes, where are your thoughts?

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