An honest travelogue

The following is a travelogue from one of my ex colleagues.

Timid, shy and extremely modest and rarely communicative, I was very worried about this guy’s future. One day he sprung a pleasant surprise with his resignation.

He left me to join a big IT MNC and soon enough was on his way to his first onsite assignment to Toronto.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when he mailed to some of my current colleagues, his first experience of flying onsite.

I know the note has few grammatical errors and he has mixed up some words but you could sense the innocence bubbling out of this note. Just for his honesty, i would rate this 9.5 out of ten.


Bonjour Sir,

26th 11:00 pm i have reached Chennai Airport with the Luggage. Inside the  airport they scanned my baggage’s and also they provide the number for check in luggage’s and also they give tickets. Early i have booked window seats and the flight will CX 626. Further i went for immigration and waited for 2 hours. Finally i get into the flight at 3:15am with chanting god names and sat right side 35k window seat. Next me one person called Ramesh came and sat. Bit i feared, he saw me then i said Hai. I told him first time i am flying to onsite. He laughed and suggested me how to wear seat belt and other stuffs. He said this my 226th time i am travelling Hong Kong then Shangai. He said don’t worry accidents will happen on Road not in Air.

Flight is started to take off so bit feared because for me this is first time takeoff. So i saw towards window i am there and above the clouds and i can’t believe myself for a minute i thought am i dreaming then realise no its real.

Then started chatting with Ramesh. He is very Romantic 44 year old Guy. He thought me how to operate TV and also how to call Air Hostess. He ordered for him some whiskey and for me vodka.

I had a good company with ramesh. He told many things about his girl friends. I observed always he was praising the Air hostess. The way he talks superb. Finally he called one air hostess and he ask about planning to buy an perfume for one of his girl friend. So air hostess was helping him to which one best and brand new. He buys one, the cost will be around $80. Ramesh was a very interesting person i ever met.

When i reach Hong Kong the time was 11:00 am Saturday. It takes 4 hrs to reach. Here the air port is very big and it as 100 entry points and many internet hubs. Here i have around 4 hrs time for nex flight. So i roomed around inside the airport and i saw many Chinese air hostess was smoking in cigrates inside the smoke points.  The way they dressed and the style of smoke ohh my kick goes off.

Here i saw different flights. I observed that some vehicle was pushing one plane towards back. So i ask one person why they do like this? He said the flight doesn’t have reverse gear. So ……

Its interesting many people travelled many times but some doesn’t know how the flight will work.

The Cathay pacific flight main branch will be Hong Kong. I saw their own big buildings……….

Now i am familiar about to find the details of flight number, gate no and seat no’s etc.

Next fligt name will be CX826 and the seat number will be 384 left window and left wing side. Mine is of ECONOMY Class and the total cost will be 66,993.This time from Hong Kong to Toronto the total journey will be 16 Hrs.

The left side will be 3 seater. Window side i sat, next one lady called Trans from Hong kong and next one person called Hussein from Indonesia.  I liked about Trans Nail polish. Its like full red colour and in the front some white colured flower design.

In this Flight also very beautiful Air hostess. Initially i ordered vegetarian Lunch and Dinner. I saw both day and dark in this journey. I am there  at over the clouds. Its amazing and i can’t express and also it is unforgettable. I never thought/ dream these many hours  i spend in a flight and that too the beautiful Air Hostess will serve the drinks. I t was a very Gr8 experience. After the lunch i saw the menu. I have tasted all the drinks except 2. So i ordered cognac drink. I also bit praised Air Hostess so she gave me 2 extra pea nuts pockets. So after dinner i ordered comparie. Totally 12,586 kms i travelled from Hong Kong to Toronto. Finally i flight is landed and out side it was blessing and every where i saw there was a full of ice. Outside the weather will be 2 degree Centigrade.

So i already have long jacket. So Trans was laughing, so i ask wt happened, she not replied. I said bye …

She also said TC. Then there was immigration check they ask lot questions, so i prepared and manage them. Finally when i come out Air port the Taxi was ready. When i reach my hotel the time will 9:30. So out side full of cold i went for long walk, so weekend they are so many people gathered outside the Bar and Pub. I spent on the road 1 hr. Then i back to hotel at 10:55 i went to the Bed.

Next Sunday morning i went for a long walk around 10:00 am. All the peoples are wears Long leather jackets and they are moving Tak, tak, tak….

So its amazing and beautiful city. I love the city. In down street i never find any Indian vegetarian Restaurants.  Finally i was hungry then went one Restaurant add PIZZA and Orange juice($7) .

So Sunday evening there is a full of crowed in the city and the people are moving with the Flags.

I ask about someone, they said Canada Olympics as completed. So Canada won Gold in Hockey V/S USA. I also enjoyed a lot with the people.

So the Journey started in Toronto(Canada).

Please keep in Touch,


*** *****


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One Response to An honest travelogue

  1. S. Hrishi says:

    Yes and I felt like reading Chetan Bhaghat’s Two States;)…very intyeresting and good observation. I don’t even remember what happened to me during my first flight….ofcourse when you are drunk its going to be very tough to remember things:P…right Sir?

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