Let us talk to resolve once for all

After months of sitting on a diplomatic high horse, India finally blinks and agrees for holding talks with Pakistan. While the verdict on the timing is already out – pretty bad – the decision is reflective of the abyss into which Indian diplomacy is slipping into.

Clearly the “cry baby” diplomacy of India didn’t succeed.  India was hoping that the world would be firm on Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of  26/11 to justice but it overestimated the persistence of the diplomatic pressure.

India knows that Pakistan is unlikely to hear anyone except the US. But the United States has it’s own set of problems including wriggling out of the unwinnable war in Afghan and the growing sentiments against the Drone attacks in Pakistan.  US has realized that it needs to placate Pakistan as much as India for success in it’s South Asian policy.

If India was wrong in staying away from the discussion table for more than an year, the timing of the proposed talks reflects yet another diplomatic faux paus. Just a day before Kashmir Solidarity Day and on the day when the Jihadi groups of Pakistan were meeting to plot yet another attack on India, India lets the guard down.  Naivety at it’s best or diplomatic hara-kiri.

The failure of the Indian diplomacy is more revealing since the offer of talks comes in the backdrop of Pakistan assuming the moral high horse thanks to the IPL fiasco and the recent flak for the “multiple war doctrine” of the Indian Army.

The only saving grace is the fact that the Indian offer is not a return to the “composite dialogue framework” but just a breaking of the political thaw. Yet another sigh of relief comes from the fact that historically Indo-Pak talks have yielded nothing significant.

The talks between India and Pakistan at best of times is a case of dog chasing it’s tail. India would make it apparent that Kashmir is an “integral part” of India and Pakistan will continue to say that it extends “moral support” to the secessionists.  A long list of useless mumbo-jumbo couched as CBMs – Confidence Building Measures – would be agreed which in all probability will include some film shows and at best a cricketing tour by India.

Let us face the reality.

It is impossible for India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir bilaterally or trilaterally; Only the arbitration from United States can bring about a rapprochement between the warring neighbours. India needs to resolve Kashmir and breakaway from Pakistan. And hence it is in India’s interests to show flexibility and get Uncle Sam involved.

With each passing year the cost of keeping the issue alive is playing havoc with the lives of Indians. With an India poised to grow at 8% plus and becoming a leading economy of the world, it does not augur well to leave this issue unresolved for the future generations. If the Indian Elephant has to take on the Chinese Dragon, we cannot afford to play in the mud with the pig, Pakistan.

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One Response to Let us talk to resolve once for all

  1. Ek Mamooli Aadmi says:

    Neither Sitting on Diplomatic High Horse nor acting as cry baby is goinng to solve the problem.

    The ony effective way for tackling the situation is :

    1) in the short run is to set up top class border management system, bring down the infiltration to zero, ruthlessly elliminate paki sleeper cells and paki sympathisers within our own country, tone up the law enforcement agencies, stimulate the legal system to deliver fast verdicts and prompt punishments etc. Though India has been bearing with pak sponsored terrorism for more than 3 decades, the number of cases of apprehending the baddies, convicting the cuplrits, and handing out all forms of punishments including capital punishments have been pathetically low. All the above can be achieved without depending on US support and without crossing the borders. All it needs is committment to root out the problem.

    2) and in the long run, we need to pursue economic development goals with singleminded determination to become a World Power by 2020. World takes serious notice of nations with strong muscle power which can reach across continents and also nations with fat purse.

    If not now, by 2020 or 2030, I see little scope for scoundrels and terrorists monkeying with a nation with largest or second largest economy and a high-tech military which can reach across the continents and strike at will.

    Are we heading in that direction ?

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