No Kushi Only Ghum Mr Khan

The IPL  auction saga refuses to die down. The latest to add to the cacophony of voices and views is the great King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.

With the auction firmly behind him, Shahrukh was emboldened to be at this ‘politically correct’ best. When it came to money, he couldn’t or rather wouldn’t afford the risk but when it comes to words, what the heck, he has a complete “library” to choose from.

He wouldn’t of course say explicitly that the franchisees were prevented from bidding for Pakistani players because if he did, he has to say who so did. With the Government categorically refuting any hint to the IPL organization, the blame may well be shared among the organizers and the franchisees.

So what did Mr Khan say, poltically correct ?

He says that Pakistanis should have been selected and India is known for treating it’s guests respectfully. Of course, there is no disputing this.

There would have been no need for this note, had Mr Shahrukh kept his next opinion to himself.  Putting his suave, glib oratory to the best possible use, Mr Khan wanted the “young people” of this country to realize what a “great neighbour” we have in the form of Pakistan. According to him, we should “love Pakistan” almost to the point of thanking them for being what they are.

He also stopped short of claiming that he is “almost a Pakistani” as his father and family belonged to Pakistan.

I have no business to be interfering in the personal preferences of Mr Khan ; If he thinks of himself as a Pakistani, so be it, despite the fact that his riches are courtesy the poor Indians who flock to his movies.

He has however shown scant regard for the feelings of Indians as an entity much less for those suffering from the evil that goes around with the name, Pakistan.

“Love Thy Neighbour” may be one of the greatest commandments of Jesus but try telling that to the hapless Kashmiri Pandits ; try telling it to those brave soldiers manning the Siachen; try telling that to Sarabjeet Singh accused of spying and wallowing in a jail in Pakistan ; try telling that to the victims of the various terror strikes sponsored, aided and abetted by Pakistan ; try telling that to the fishermen languishing in Pakistani jails ;

Love Pakistan ? My foot !

Love whom Mr Khan : a country which forcibly occupies a part of Indian territory in the name of his religion ; a country which has fought 3 wars with India including a surrogate war ; a country which sends infiltrators to India every day ; a country which is waiting for an opportune moment every day to let it’s Frankenstein monster loose on India ;  a country which is forcing India to spend millions on augmenting defence spend which otherwise could be productively deployed to alleviate poverty ; a country which is founded on hatred ; a country which has the worst track record of democracy; a country which is intolerant, theocratic to the point of extracting “protection tax” from it’s minorities ; a country which legislates ‘Hudood laws’

Love Pakistan ? My foot !

Shahrukh Khan may have religious compulsions to defend Pakistan despite the claims of his secularist outlook but Mr Khan no one in India, not least the establishment is going to buy your attempt to put Pakistan on the pedestal of friendship.

Pakistan is, was and will always be a thorn in the Indian flesh.  India has and will prosper not because of Pakistan but despite Pakistan. India does not need Pakistan for company to achieve anything in any sphere.

Geography cannot be changed ; at the same time realities cannot be wished away by such glib nonsensical talk.

Shahrukh’s immature unrealistic speak is an insult to all the well meaning intellectuals of India ; an insult to the restraint of the citizens of India after the brazen attacks of Mumbai 26/11.

Shahrukh is among the finest exponents of histrionics in Indian cinema carrying any role with ease.  He has demonstrated great skill  be it the lover-boy Raj roles or other protagonist roles.  Next only to Amitabh he has given the nation so much to cheer about, so much joy.

But this one, Mr Khan, there is no kushi only ghum coming from you, pun intended.

PS : I have resolved never to pay for a Shahrukh movie yet again.


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3 Responses to No Kushi Only Ghum Mr Khan

  1. Sugan says:

    In fact, his comments were unwarranted as the controversial topic was soon dying down on its own. But these wont help resolve the crisis either.

  2. Ganesh Kini says:

    I agree..

    I will also continue not to PAY for his movies..

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