Fast track or Off track

If I am asked to pick up one aspect that typifies the hypocrisy of the Indian attitude, I would choose the general Indian attitude towards ‘Sex’.

As a topic there cannot be anything more taboo than  ‘Sex’ for family discussions despite we being the land of the Kamasutra.  But hey, we are also the land of B grade porn movies as well.

The percentage of homes in which children can have a free discussion on the issue of ‘Sex’ in my view is still very miniscule. For all the supposed upward mobility and the 200 million strong ‘consumerist middle class’, we still have very pre-dated views about ‘Sex’.

Sex in India is either glorified to be the embodiment of chastity or vilified as a ‘mean thing’ ; We are also a nation lacking in maturity about ‘sexual rights’. It can sometimes be taken to inglorious levels of honor killing and the like.

While a large section of our country adopts a hush-hush approach to the topic of Sex, there is a small section which is probably taking it to the other extreme of promoting ‘kinky sex’.  I find the recent advertisement of ‘Fast Track Watches’ promoting the theme of “moving on” quite outrageous from the context of how it seeks to present the concept.

The prosaic attitude of living through a difficult relationship of yesteryear is not valid anymore. There is no point in attempting “sainthood” by living through a relationship of endless suffering.  So any promotion which encourages people to take a real hard look at the quality of their relationship and make informed decision is quite healthy from a social context.

In the name of promoting a healthy attitude towards relationship, I am more than just aghast that ‘reckless carefree attitude’ to relationships is sought to be projected as the replacement.

I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind the choice of “relationship” to drive home the message of “moving on” but I do think that it is quite irresponsible to portray a condescending attitude towards relationship.  Changing partners as frequently as you change other ‘bare essentials’ is not the right anti-dote to living in the past.

I am quite ok with the ad where the guy isn’t able to recall his girl friend’s name but I am  quite shocked about the one in which the girl claims to have been with ’10 guys in a month’. I am not speaking from a usual MCP point of view but I am quite incensed that a message of “sleep walking” through relationships should be made symbolic of “moving on” in life.

The Ads portray an undercurrent of “easy” or “kinky sex” which is not exactly the attitude we should be adopting. If our attitude through the years has been extremely conservative, we cannot overhaul it by promoting an extremely callous approach either. After all we cannot live our lives either  in the flanks of conservatism or recklessness.

The Tatas are known for their immense contribution to the Indian society. On this one, however I do think that they are quite offtrack.


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