Awards 2009 part two

Part II of my list of 100 Awards for the year 2009

51.          ‘Blowing Balloon’ Award for Sensationalism : ’25 x 7.5’ News Channels

52.          ‘Punishment Movie(s) of the Year’ Award : Kambaqt Ishq and London Dreams

53.          ‘Only better than Kambaqt Ishq’ Movie Award : Blue

54.          ‘Par for (Inter)course’ Award for promiscuity : Tiger Woods

55.          ‘Temporary Zenith’ of the Year Award : Indian Cricket Team

56.          ‘Dummy Returns’ Award for Remote Controlling the Government : Sonia Gandhi

57.          ‘I-don’t-know-what-hit-me’ Award for Political bungling : Congress in the Telengana issue

58.          ‘White and White Bravery’ Award : P Chidambaram for attending the World Badminton event at Hyderabad as a common spectator known for his traditional attire

59.          ‘Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not’ Award : P Chidambaram who actually ‘bought ticket’ to attend the World Badminton event

60.          ‘Best Trekking place’ Award : Ferozeshah Kotla’s pitch

61.          ‘Shaadi Karke finally Goria Challi’ Award : Shilpa Shetty for marrying atlast

62.          ‘Best Patient(s) of the Year’ Award : Freddie Flintoff and Brett Lee

63.          ‘Return to Attention and Glory’  Award : The humble Sneeze, ignored for long was back in business for it’s swine flu potential

64.          ‘Doctor of the Year’ Award : ‘Dr’ Ghulam Nabi Azad for suggesting that TV could be a strong contraceptive against increased procreation

65.          ‘Off-my-neck’ or ‘I-can-now-breathe-well’ Award : Dr Manmohan Singh for keeping the ‘Left’ out of any serious role in governance

66.          ‘Back to Basics’ Award : Prakash Karat for suggesting that the communists have to first be…er..communists

67.          ‘Two wont tango’ Award for cooperation : Sudheendra Kulkarni and Arun Jaitley for refusing to work together and thereby denying Advani’s chances

68.          ‘Prosecution of the Year’ Award : ‘Ever going’ trial of Kasab

69.          ‘Friendliness Down Under’ Award for international friendship : Australia and it’s Indian students

70.          ‘Renaming of the Year’ Award : Lalit Modi for effectively renaming ICC  as International Council for Currency

71.          ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ Award for welcoming Guests : West Bengal for having an open policy of allowing illegal Bangladeshi migrants to just walk across to India

72.          ‘Figurine of the Decade’ Award : Mayawati for ensuring that every nook and corner of UP has her statue even if it doesn’t have a school, hospital or access to water and electricity

73.          ‘Best Joke Subject matter’ of the Year Award : Sharad Pawar (I wanted to be PM but I ended up being AM) the caption when he was snapped up in a photo looking at his watch alongside Madam Sonia

74.          ‘Hope for Parched Throats’ Award : Discovery of traces of frozen ice in the Moon by NASA and ISRO

75.          ‘Who am I’ Award for confusing political pundits : America and it’s Kerry-Lugar Bill

76.          ‘Agree to Agree that in future we have to agree that we will all have to agree’ Award : Copenhagen Climate Summit

77.          ‘Colossal  Achievement’ Award for sustaining 20 years in Cricket : Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

78.          ‘Impending Crisis’ of the Year Award : India’s water scarcity

79.          ‘Auditors of the Year’ Award : PWC

80.          ‘Cut-throat competition’ of the Year Award : Telecom pricing

81.          ‘Keen to come back to India’ Award : M F Hussain as he has run out of models to paint in the nude

82.          ‘Stand-up-on-the-bench’ Award for Inner Party Discipline & Obedience : Bharatiya Janta Party

83.          ‘Almost Everyday Faces’ of the Year Award : Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Manish Tiwari, Jayanthi Natarajan and Ravi Shankar Prashad

84.          ‘Challenge of the Year’ Award : Advani’s challenge to Dr Singh for a televised debate

85.          ‘Changing the face of the game’ Award : Twenty-Plenty game for throwing ‘plenty’ just for a match of 20 overs

86.          ‘Post Retirement (read rejection) Occupation of Stars’ Award : Judge in Reality Show Dance Competitions

87.          ‘Do the new’ Skill Award for IT Techies : Forgetting Job hopping skills to learn Job latching skill

88.          ‘Hate the appreciation’ Award : Rupee strengthening against the US Dollar

89.          ‘Never before heard office’ of the Year Award : SFIO or Serious Fraud Investigating Office of the SEBI

90.          ‘Surviving against the odds’ Award : Indian Stock Market

91.          ‘Most disconnected Reality’ of the Year Award : Lowest Inflation coupled with highest levels of food prices

92.          ‘Spurned Love’ Award : Bharti for it’s failed attempt to woo MTN

93.          ‘Gas’tronomic Sufferer of the Year Award : Anil Ambani and his gas pricing feud with his elder brother Mukesh

94.          ‘Law will take it’s own (loooooong) course’ Award : Indian Justice System;  Plenty of winners right from the ‘famous 68’ in Liberhan Report to Ruchika

95.          Film of the Year Award – Indian: 3 Idiots

96.          Film of the Year Award – International : Avatar

97.          Indian of the Year Award :  P Chidambaram, finally a sensible and working Home Minister

98.          Achievement of the Year Award : Touch wood and let it remain this way forever, relatively a ‘bomb free’ India

99.          Achiever of the Year Award : The Indian Common Man who continues to survive Corruption, Apathy, Lack of Civic facilities and yet continues to believe that he has a future in this country.

100.        Nuisance of the Year Award : Yours truly for


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2 Responses to Awards 2009 part two

  1. R.Sankar says:

    Hari :

    what is the award for kamal..for his dasavatharam and golden jubilee year…

    • Dasavatharam is officially a 2008 release, so that kind of rules him out for 2009. I think you have given me an idea for a seperate post on Kamal. The award that i can consider for Kamal in 2009 would be ‘Oscars-the-sour-grapes’ Award for his ‘now-yes-now-no’ stance on the Oscars. 🙂

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