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That Pakistan has slipped into anarchy is the world’s worst kept secret leading an exasperated Manmohan Singh to wonder who is at the helm of affairs at Islamabad.

If there are still some who feel compelled to believe that all’s well with Pakistan, this news should confirm the state of affairs at Pakistan. The news that a Pakistani lodged in the jail almost brought the two nations to the brink of a war by impersonating the then Indian Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee.

If readers are wondering about the choice of the phrase “Pakistani  lodged in the jail”, it is because of the fact that the line between being a Pakistani and a criminal or a terrorist is getting blurred by the day.

But for very few exceptions being a Pakistani is the passport to being a criminal, the “visa” of actual activity being acquired according to convenience.

Anyways back to the topic, I am not even for a moment going to lambast the jail authorities for their incompetence or the sheer audacity of the caller.

Whenever the countries feel like extending the olive branch to one another, it is very common to hear both sides speak of a “shared culture”.  How much of this is true, we would never know but the one aspect in which both India and Pakistan represent the “same side” of the coin is corruption.

Both nations are equitably corrupt. So it hardly surprises me that the impersonator had access to a mobile phone inside the Jail. Money can buy anything be it Kanpur or Karachi.

Actually my peeve is about the naivety of President Zardari in not being able to recognize that the caller is not Pranab.

It is so bloody simple ; If you ARE able to understand the voice at the other end, then it CANNOT be Pranab. I don’t think it can get any simpler than this.

Pranab is the only minister in the UPA Government who necessitated the tabling of an “English” version of his speech / bills since most of the members sans Mamta Banerjee could not come to terms with his ‘Benglish’.

One of the significant reasons as to why the composite dialogue with Pakistan could not progress under his stewardship of the MEA was that the Pakistani contingent hardly understood what Pranab meant.

“Be Bant Beace Bith Bakistan’ is not something everyone can understand.

Given the fact that Pranab “sprinkles” a bit of English wrapped in Bengali, it shouldn’t have been too difficult for President Zardari to realize that the call is a prank. I really pity the people of Pakistan who have reposed faith in PPP.   Intellectually too, Zardari is such a shame compared to his illustrious wife the late Benazir Bhutto. It is also clear now as to why Benazir did not give Zardari anything worthwhile in the Party hierarchy except being the famous “Mr Ten Percent”.

Bengali Cuisine is known for it’s strong mustard flavor and steaming using plantain leaf. “Hilsa” the eternal delicacy among the selection of sea food is steam cooked with generous coating of mustard. Our Bengali Babu, Pranab, a Bengali Brahmin should know a thing or two about this style of cooking. He replicates the style to create his “Benglish” steaming “English” in the coating of “Bengali”.

Even if we were to assume that the impersonator would have spoken in Hindi, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to pick the nasal hindi of Pranab da.

President Zardari has come a cropper in the simple test of identifying Pranab’s accent, I wonder what he will do if he has to deal with M.K Azhagiri next.


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