Dateline 2611

Naked fury of terror

Unleashed on hapless

Consumed by fire of hate

26/11 was the date


It’s Gods work

They were told to do

In actual it was humanity

That their hearts let go


Cold blooded killers they were

Plunging knife in the bosom of love

Unrepentant and remorseless

In effect they were spineless


Killing anyone in sight

In the name of holy fight

Humanity left wailing in grief

Hatred, the wrecker-in-chief


Are religions in a rat race

To beat one other to podium

Karl Marx called it right – To men

Religion is intoxicating opium


Which god would it please

To cause a trail of death

Which god would possibly gain

Seeing lives  writhing in pain


Religion to be  left at doorstep

Not allow to shadow the footstep

Understand the life’s essence – Take in

The scent of love’s fragrance


Faith is a means not the end

Just a school that you attend

Graduate with love, that’s God’s will

Surely faith is not meant to kill


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5 Responses to Dateline 2611

  1. Rajan says:

    Awesome!! 🙂 Nice ending!

  2. vakulam says:


  3. Anantha krishna says:

    Memories came in the form of beautiful poem from the words of Poet, Great one

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