India has a notorious history with Commissions. Commissions are often setup with little purpose  and crores spent on them achieving nothing.

So here’s an ode  to the Indian Commissions


Probing it is supposed to be

Acts of omission and commission

Unmindful of it’s supposed mission

Meandering without any vision


Commission is the Indian answer

To avoid vexed need of a decision

Buying time, the ultimate goal

To explore the possible legal hole


Often forgetting the moot question

They are the veterans of digression

Indulging in roll-call of deposition

Conclusions are vague supposition


Democracy thrives on reliable action

Commission: Bottleneck to faster traction

Put an end to wasting nation’s treasury

Commissions are creatures of treachery


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One Response to commissions

  1. Ganesh Kini says:

    I demand a commission to be set up to probe in to the above unreasonable allegation on the mission of commissions.
    I also suspect the involvement of ISI & its influence on this author / poet. A seperate commission probably canbe set up to probe in this angle.
    One more commission to oversee the above two commission and to analyse the findings submitted by them.

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