A nobel for filth


Cities of our country

Bustling, crowded and noisy

Commuting in commotion

Newer zeniths in pollution


One known for it’s garden

One know for it’s colour : pink

Firm in the brotherhood

Cities are with their stink


Clean houses, cleaner mansion

To our homes we pay attention

Uncaring we are for the nation

It is after all just a play station


Are the authorities to blame

As we choke and suffocate

With least concern in the world

We spit, urinate and defecate


We are yet to learn

Rules of civil behavior

We care least for our city

Content with houses being pretty


Losing our right of complain

Not upholding our side of bargain

Think before we throw the litter

Would it choke the city’s  gutter ?


Have done enough carnage

Reckless in disposing wastage

There’s not a single passage

Without mounds of garbage


Let’s wake up to the reality

Let’s own up our responsibility

Hope it’s not too late

To change our own fate



About hariharanbond
I am who I am !

One Response to A nobel for filth

  1. vakulam says:

    Wonderful phrases. But?

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