The forbes list

The forbes list of richest Indian’s is out with the news that we have double the count of billionaires as we had last year.

So what do we make of this list ?


The ‘Forbes’ list is out

Of the rich and mighty

Placed in a pecking order – Ranked

by their burgeoning dollars


A quarter of the economy

The size of their wealth

A hundred flourish, millions suffer

Isn’t this the Indian dichotomy


Business citadels are built

Using the brick of equity

Pity the message is lost

On the in-fighting Indian polity


Nothing there is to be proud

Doubling the billionaire count

The list : distracting the attention

Serves those seeking a pretension


Their billions are theirs

There’s nothing to begrudge

But it is in the plight of the poor

A nation should seek to be judged

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