Super cop of south asia

US President Barack Obama urges India’s “friendly” neighbour, China,  to have a “brotherly watch” over the quarelling neighbours India and Pakistan.

South Asia as the hot bed of international terrorism surely needs policing but in choosing China to play the role of super cop, Obama has irrefutably shown India it’s place.

That leaves the Indian communist forces having to choose between tweedledum and tweedledee.

Should they gloat over the fact that ‘Communism’ would now oversee ‘Democracy and Dictatorship’ or should they be glum that such an invitation has come from the nerve-center of imperalism, the United States.

With chinese claims on Arunachal Pradesh and the vast tracts of  Kashmir land ceded to China by Pakistan, China may already feel ‘indian enough’ to extend it’s map upto Kanyakumari.

As far as India is concerned, China is as trustworthy as a repenting mother-in-law, if ever there was one. The timing could not have been any worser for Manmohan.

Just as the cusp of his impending visit to the US, where Singh would have hoped to impress US to prevail over Pakistan, comes this shocker. Now Singh has to forget Pakistan atleast temporarily and implore upon US to not feed the territorial ambitions of China any further.

Afterall Manmohan would certainly prefer dancing around the Kashmir tree holding the Pakistani bear rather than offer his head to the chinese dragon.

Gilani and Zardari, despite all the troubles at their western border would certainly beaming at the predicament of New Delhi.

It also means that Pakistan now has an appellate authority, China, before it appeals to the Judiciary, the US.

Obama has played his cards very well. US Presidents thus far have never ventured to involve themselves in the muddy waters of Indo-Pak relations as they always had better things to chase, like Oil for example.

Obama knows that to deliver results in Indo-Pak relationships, the US may have to play the mid-wife. So he has cleverly shifted the responsibility to China, in the hope that it would keep the dragon interested atleast for a while.

Meanwhile Obama can mend his economy and be less reliant on China.

India would only hope that China does not take it’s role too seriously, atleast not immediately.

One thing is very clear though : India cannot continue it’s obscurantist approach in resolving the Kashmir issue. It has pumped bullets into terrorists and also pumped ballots both having limited success.  Peace cannot be bought either with the bullet or the ballot and it is high time India bites the bullet on Kashmir before China has it’s say.

Nehru coined the famous phrase ‘Indi-Chini Bhai Bhai’ hoping against hope that China would reconcile to sharing space with India in South Asia.

Little did Nehru know that for China, India is always the ‘step-brother’.


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