So far yet so near

The forbes list of world’s most powerful people places Manmohan Singh at 36, Osama Bin Laden at 37 and Yousuf Gilani at 38.

Perfect timing ?   Poetic justice ?

Or is it a case of Woh, Patni and Pati ? It’s jumbled all right, especially for a hindi movie buff, but you get the message dont you ?

It could also be rewritten as The Pusillanimous, The Perpetrator and The Patron.

In terms of ideology, the three cannot be more farther but Forbes has placed them in a close bunch. And by placing them, Forbes clearly acknowledges the role each one plays in the hot bed of international politics, the indian sub-continent.

With just days to go for the 26/11 anniversary, Manmohan Singh must be desperate to see through this period, god willing, without any terror strikes.

Gilani has his own troubles.  With the Taliban stopping short of opening bomb outlets on the lines of a pizza joint at Peshawar, the city is burning. The hunter has become the hunted.

I am actually wondering as to how  BJP missed to take a potshot at the PM for the “close comfort” he finds himself, albeit unwittingly.  An issue-less BJP can atleast keep itself warm and deflect attention from it’s infighting.

Manmohan’s strategy is clear.  The strategy of using 26/11 as a strawman to “dilute” the ‘terror agenda’ of Pakistan.  He would know that it is almost impossible to divest Pakistan and terror.  Not with cities & provinces named as Pesha”war”  Islama”bad” and “Sin”dh.

So while Manmohan wants to keep Gilani at bay using the barge pole of 26/11, he would have nothing to do with the ‘Q’ company.  Especially when he has his own set of ‘Q’ problems, that is managing “Queen” Sonia.

The old saying goes that if your luck is bad, you could be bitten by a dog even if you are astride a camel. As luck would have it, Manmohan finds himself in the company of those very people he wants to be far away.

I am sure he would earnestly wish that the virtual proximity of Gilani with Osama remains virtual for some more time atleast till he vacates 7 RCR for “Heir apparent” Rahul baba.


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