Pakistan succeeds where India failed

Tahawwur Rana of Pakistan origin arrested by FBI for plotting terror strikes in India is reported to have visited Kochi to recruit people for his mission.

Can this get any better ?

India’s most “friendly neighbour” on a “talent spotting mission” deep inside India.

A clear case of where India’s HRD ministry failed and Pakistan succeeded.

India’s HRD Ministry has always had a chequered history. Caught in one imbroglio or other, accused of saffronizing education to quota-izing, rewriting history to interference in the working of professional institutions.

I would like to believe that India is ahead of Pakistan in terms of “absolute literacy” (not only in percentages)  not merely because Tagore won a Nobel prize and yours truly writes in this blog but because the giant strides India has taken in the world stage as a Knowledge power-house.

By no stretch of imagination is India’s journey complete, if anything it has just only started.

India’s perennial problem has always been execution not shortage of resources. The only nation in the world to have floods and droughts simulatenously we have a huge problem of “reaching out” to the people.

It is in this context that the friendly help of Pakistan is much appreciated. While most of India believes that “talent hunt” begins and ends with high octave crooning or pelvic thrusts, Pakistan has “shown” to India that “real talent” is “substantive”.

Compare this. India produces a boy wonder Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who goes on to amass mountains of runs but   yet  he is only a cricketer. He doesnt for example  attend the proceedings of a case running into 10,000 pages. Nor can Tendulkar handle a Satellite Phone or a Dinghy.

I truly believe that only Pakistan possess   real talent purely on the  basis of multiple talents they seem to develop.  A cricketer doubles up as a drug smuggler,  a Scientist doubles up as a nuclear-arms dealer and a dictator doubles up as Chief Executive.

The multiple roles that a Pakistani can play clearly indicates the extent to which Pakistan emphasises on talent and the institutions such as the ISI they have built for talent scouting.

As large hearted as  they are, Pakistan is trying to help India to establish aJIHAD system, the proven success in Pakistan.

Lest it be misunderstood, Jihad stands for Join Indias Highly Accessible Development system, in short JIHAD.

The slow mover that India is has certainly a lesson or two to learn from our dear neighbours, what do you say ?


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