Bend(re) it like Buddha

Police bar Sonali Bendre from inagurating lounge bar

Kolkatta police have reportedly stopped bollywood lass Sonali Bendre from opening a lounge bar at a shopping mall , allegedly illegally constructed.

West Bengal and constructions go a long way it seems. It beats me actually as to how the Bengal Govt realizes the illegality of construction only at the precise moment of inaguration. It must be a special skill i suppose, something that Buddha would have learned watching Mamta Ben at work.

While the saga over the Tata Nano project is known to everyone, i am actually amazed as to how a savvy man like Buddhadeb didnt realize that it was doomed from the beginning.

To start with the company setting up the Unit was ‘Tata’ synonymous with the Indian way of parting. The project was being to setup to roll out India’s cheapest car, ‘Nano’.

Now how could Mamta ‘Ban’erjee could permit a project which has the stamp of refusal written all over it.

‘Na’ + ‘No’ = Nano.

Back to la affaire Bendre, I have a sneaky suspicion that Buddhadeb wanted to be one up on Mamta.

If Mamta would stop people from buying cheaper car to travel to places, Buddha is ensuring that people have no places to travel to. Clearly one up on Mamtaji.

The concept of a lounge bar is antithetical to the principles of Communism. While communism strongly believes in people lazing around without any work, thanks to the innumerable striking opportunities, the idea of having to “pay” for relaxing is obnoxious.

In the true ‘spirit’ of protecting ‘domestic industry’, it is also incumbent on Buddha sahab to prevent foreign spirits taking market share of the ‘desi powwa’.

And what can be more self-fulfilling than see the razing down of a shopping mall, the symbol of the despicable capitalism.  Kolkatta afterall isnt the red bastion for nothing.

How else can they inflict more damage to ‘capitalism’ than turning a blind eye till the construction is over and then read the rule book to them. The classical communist double-whammy !

The poor capitalists couldnt have thought of a worser option than invite Sonali Bendre to inagurate the bar. Lest readers think that i am too pejorative about Ms Bendre, my larger point is the bollywood titles that  Ms Bendre has  to her credit.

Buddha who’s fighting an administrative battle with Maoists and a political battle with TMC hardly needs a reminder of Sarfarosh. And to rub salt into his political wounds, little does he need to be reminded that TMC and Congress proclaim ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

Known to be the football capitol of India, Buddha’s ‘spot kick’ would have made Beckham proud !.

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One Response to Bend(re) it like Buddha

  1. Venky says:

    Unfortunate that Sonali Be(a)ndre could not help unleash the Social “Spirits” of Kolkatta. But the T(h)aT(h)as must have realised that they are after all humans and hence a smart move to where the “Nar” and “Kar” hold sway

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