Children of God …and plenty !

The latest UN report indicates that India’s children are stunted, undernourished, wasted.

This is not the first report to be written on this subject and certainly not the last. It is indeed shameful that children are not getting the best that they need, deserve.

Again, i am not going to dwell too much on this problem which everyone knows but the purpose of this missive is to ‘expose’ the ‘real culprits’  behind this apathy.

It has always been a favourite pastime of the western world to look down upon third world nations such as India without realizing their own follies.

It is an established fact of world trade that any country which has surplus quantity of a resource or a produce should be free to export the surplus to other nations. In India what can be more surplus than population ?

I mean Indian Government can only do so much. It cannot obviously resolve every issue and feed every starving mouth. Governance has pressing other issues such as erecting statues, saving jobs, promoting marathi, distributing free TVs et all. To force-fit such “small issues” (copyright RR Patil) into their agenda will be an insult to their ‘Raj’ (no pun intended) dharma.

The western world is guilty of not permitting free export of india’s surplus population which they should be ashamed of.

The next big faux pas of the western world is in active promotion of productivity through industrialization without understanding the consequences of the same. Short of capital and technology, third world nations such as India could not improve productivity in their industrial output. Surely they cannot be left behind and so they did what ‘came to them naturally’. They increased their ‘productivity’ in begetting children.

With such single-minded dedication to ‘increasing their productivity’ indian parents produced babies by the dozen while indian babudom was preoccupied with pressing governance issues detailed herein before.

The western world should own up their responsibility firstly for creating the productivity fad and secondly for infusing inferiority complex in the minds of the people. They should better own up.

Even if babudom wanted to do something about this, the western world again put paid to their hopes. After the initial jolt of industrialization and productivity came the next, in the form of ISO.

ISO meant documents, documents and more documents. Indian babudom which was already the ‘king of paperwork’ soon became the undisputed monarch.

Every initiative of the Indian Government is clothed in so much paper work that it is next to impossible to get to the crux of the issue. Peeling a bagful of onions could be an easier proposition than understanding the policy matters of India.

All this meant that the proposal to give every new born child a glass of milk could only be implemented when the “new born” himself was busy buying condoms.

In India we believe the children to be children of God. It is natural that God is more benevolent to the inhabitants of the holy land of India.

It is upto the developed western world to partake in the Gift of God.

With the culture of India having it’s moorings on treating Guests as God (Athithi Devo Bhava), no Guest would ever return empty handed.


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3 Responses to Children of God …and plenty !

  1. Hilaanete says:

    Truthful words, some truthful words dude. Made my day.

  2. ramadeva says:

    A good article by a patriotic Indian.But,many in the Government have joined the Globalists are themselves,ones, (Globalists),for forming ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT(please google for this item).

  3. ramadeva says:

    Please read ….have joined the Globalists OR themselves ones…………..

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