Cyclone Phyan misses it’s date with Mumbai

3.45 pm: Cyclone Phyan has bypassed Mumbai [ Images ] at 2 pm, said IMD officials

I am somewhat  an agnostic when it comes to faith in God and certainly a non-conformist so far as rituals are concerned.

It is not unusual to find staunch atheists (whether for real or only for public consumption) to proclaim their ‘faith’ in nature except that they dont believe that it is ‘God’ or we have any obligation towards it.

But events as the one reported herein before, in my humble view does make one take a hard look at the foundations of belief.

Lest Richard Dawkins be enraged, i am not suggesting that there’s God for sure but humbly presenting my views on whether it could be ‘God’ who did this.

First the timing ; Not too early not too late but just in time to quell the problem. Just as sparks were flying between the ‘new’ Sena and SP over la affaire Marathi pride, the threat of rains had people scurrying back into homes.

Less the number of tongues-wagging, the lesser the problem is. Atleast for the Congress and NCP who feel between a rock and a hard place in choosing between MNS and SP.

On second thoughts, MNS also can claim to have divine sanction for their  ‘Marathi campaign’ since even the Gods have chosen to stay away from the ‘cyclone’ unleashed by them.

It is ofcourse condemnable that the pride of Marathi Manoos be dampened by a cyclone whose rain-bearing clouds dont have the stamp of Maratha authenticity.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, they say. I couldnt agree more.


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6 Responses to Cyclone Phyan misses it’s date with Mumbai

  1. Hemchandar says:

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining, they say. I couldnt agree more – In my schooldays we were told by our Economics Teacher (Easwaran was his name) that Indian Budget is a gamble in the monsoon and in College we learnt that the Stock Market is a barometer of the Economy. This threatened cyclone – Sensex Zoomed and NIFTY followed. Now will the Economy look upward ? Mr. Easwaran Sir, where are you now – with your creator

  2. kanthi says:

    To me to unravel the weather prediction and sensex movements is akin to unravel the mind of a woman.
    the “highs” and “lows” and the “will and will not” are the similarities to say the least.

    atleast the bypassed cyclone has brought some solace to the mumbaites. their deficient rainfall has somehow been reduced.

    looks like somebody’s prayers has atlast been answered.
    that perhaps is faith. mr.hari might not agree, perhaps mr.hemachander might do, with the blessings of his mentor who perhaps rests in peace with the creator !

    • Thanks Mr Kanthi. I am a believer for starters and if anything my post was a jab at the atheists, albeit a weak one at that. I was trying to hint as to how “He” decided to give the Mumbaikars something else to chew about and at the last moment respected the MNS wishes as well.

      The perfect pacifist, is He not ? 🙂

  3. Venky says:

    How did you miss to say that “He” also saved India from the final blushes from the Yellow Turks.

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