Why men are attracted by women ?


Question that we are yet to tackle

Ever since Adam bit into the apple

What maker her the macho man’s dragnet

Inseparably attracted as iron to the magnet


Do we seek her only for desires carnal

Or is there something more eternal

Designated to be man’s better half

Turning a raging bull into a timid calf


Need her to give us the courage to try

Shoulder to lean, pair of eyes to cry

Surrounded by many when we’ve won

Only she’d remember we’d be all done


We need her to keep darkest secret

She’s after all guardian of our closet

Our DNA carries message of attraction

Lest the heart always be in a contraction


Sight of her takes us to a new zone

Attraction, a function of our hormone

Call it love or dismiss it as carnal lust

Without her, man is speck of cosmic dust

About hariharanbond
I am who I am !

One Response to Why men are attracted by women ?

  1. Krishnan says:

    Ah.. so elequent.. now back to reality, where is “your” she?

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