Pakistan’s assets and role of foreign powers

Pakistan has rubbished reports that it has entered into a secret deal with US for protection of it’s nuclear assets.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Gen Tariq Majid has said that Pakistan needs no foreign help to guard it’s nuclear facilities.

I can understand Pakistan’s position. No sovereign country worth it’s salt or as in case of Pakistan worth it’s bomb would entrust something as mundane as a nuclear arsenal to a foreign power.

Pakistan, however has had a long history of relying upon foreign powers to safeguard it’s other Assets.

Like for example, UK safeguarded Pakistan’s democracy asset – Benazir Bhutto – for well over a decade until she was assassinated. UK has proved to be a perfect host, an agnostic one at that by hosting Pervez Musharaff, the dictator.

Protection for both democracy and dictatorship, fine balancing act that.

Saudi Arabia has played host and protected Pakistan’s “Coup Asset” Nawaz Sharif as part of a package deal.

It must be said to the credit of Pakistan that it has allowed foreign powers to protect, guard and oversee such “precious assets”. Infact as a matter of state policy, Pakistan continues to push it’s ‘assets’ into Kashmir Valley to ensure continuous engagement for India’s security forces.

I wonder whether this would qualify to be known as ‘Asset Securitization’.

Now where does this place India ?

India is the “most preferred partner” of Pakistan in safeguarding it’s Assets as Pakistan entrusted it’s most precious asset aka Ajmal Kasab for safe keeping in Arthur Road Jail.

While Pakistan has entrusted it’s most precious “Asset”, it also deserves huge appreciation for the manner it has taken over almost all of India’s liabilities like a certain Mr Dawood Ibrahim.

It is high time the world understands Pakistan’s ‘Asset Accounting Policy’ aimed at derisking their own society from the perils of   ‘Democracy and Development’


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