Morality Anyone ?

Party hearties abandon driver to heart attack…

Three men holding key positions in one of India’s biggest private sector companies were on their way to a party at their boss’s swanky Cuffe Parade home, when driver Goverdhan Vaidya, who is in his mid fifties, suffered a cardiac arrest.

The men asked him to stop the car, which was at Cooperage, helped him out and sat him down on the pavement.

Then, they got back in the car and drove off to the party, leaving a breathless Vaidya holding his chest in excruciating pain.


The metropolis is fast decaying

Not just with the litter around

Selfish, boorish and insensitive

Soul-less people the cities abound


Not moved by other man’s pain

Upmost in the mind is today’s gain

A dying man to himself, left on the road

Morality becomes just yet another word


No time to waste on someone who’s dying

For the next million, we got to be flying

Party we must, what if someone’s dead

After all are we not among those well read


Official party, the event is so seminal

Perfect occasion it is, for the party animal

Human life is but another commodity

Time we partied, to bemoan loss of humanity

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One Response to Morality Anyone ?

  1. Krishnan says:

    3000 died in the railway tracks of chennai just this last year. 3000 died in a building in 2001 and a nation is still at the war.

    Value of Indian life!

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