Hail Pamela Anderson !

I’ll strip till the day I die, says Pamela Anderson



As resolutions come by

This one takes the cake

She would continue to strip

All for Goodness sake


Amidst the darkness of honor

She’s alone a beacon of light

You watch, I watch, the Baywatch

Oh ! isn’t she a wondrous sight


Beauty is just skin deep

Why to clothe and cover up

If God’s given you in plenty

What’s wrong in being scanty


What’s wrong showing some flesh

It is just another part of human mesh

Covering up is not being sacred

If it were, we wouldn’t be born naked


About hariharanbond
I am who I am !

5 Responses to Hail Pamela Anderson !

  1. Ganesh Kini says:



  2. Venkkiram says:

    Mr. Hari,

    poem is too good. pamela will be happy if she read it.

  3. Rajan says:

    Haha 🙂 Very nice!!

  4. Pamela says:

    Dear Hari,

    Your way of describing my beauty is amazing,no one in this world can able to match you in your words.

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