Women becoming more beautiful!



Better halves are getting better

Sculpted figures, faces that glitter

Each generation now more beautiful

The Lord has now turned bountiful


Men have been truly left behind

In the race of genetic evolution

So much happening on woman’s feature

Will man be just yet another creature ?


Beauty, no longer just skin deep

It’s now for  ever, for the keep

What would a man do now to woo

If Cindrellas wouldn’t lose their shoe


Will beauty contests now  be cogent

If new borns need a beauty pageant

Spas and salons not needed to be in shape

If Genes turn to be your measuring tape


Beauty comes home pre-packaged

Cosmetic companies stand damaged

Women can now pursue their dream

No longer needing face packs or cream


Beauty is a web, beware being caught

Over indulgence, a danger that’s fraught

What you are made of, matters the most

Beauty without soul is nothing to boast

About hariharanbond
I am who I am !

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