Reddy or Yeddy !

The saga of the Reddy brothers against the incumbent CM Yeddyurappa is getting murkier by the minute.

The Reddys want nothing less than the CM’s ouster while Yeddyurappa is trying his best to save his chair.

At a time when the administration ought to be focussing on the plight of those affected by the floods, this ugly fight for political power is disgusting to say the least.

Anyways, staying more on the political battlefront would mean breaking my promise and so here’s my ‘unconventional’ take on this matter.

What can the CM promise stopping just short of stepping down ? Here are a few suggestions

a) BJP to be renamed as ‘Bharatiya Janardhan (Reddy) Party

b) Bengaluru is reeling under a wave of construction with city roads (?) resembling the army trenches. So Yeddy could offer the Reddy’s mining rights in the city roads of Bengaluru

c) The toll imposed by the State, I am informed would eat into the profits of Reddy’s mining business which is their core business. To compensate, the CM could consider giving all ‘ironing rights’ to the Reddy brothers and bring all the state’s dry cleaners under their purview.

d) The Reddy’s clearly resent the growing clout of Rural Dvpt minister Shobha Karandhalaje.  Apart from removing her from the Cabinet, the CM could offer to rename all the Shobha apartments in the State so that  vestiges of Shobha’s name is not witnessed anywhere

e) To boost their iron ore export trade, CM could offer the Reddy brothers an annual season ticket to China at the expense of the State exchequer.

If the above offers do not placate the Reddy brothers, the much embattled BJP central leadership is left with just one choice.

No Reddy, No Yeddy, Just install a Teddy as the Chief Minister of Karnataka !ted


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2 Responses to Reddy or Yeddy !

  1. sachin shivapur says:

    just amazing. u r unbeliveable. i am flabbergasted

    hope u remember me. kini mentioned to me about ur website

    write one on ‘mistakes are made in heaven’

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