Reality show : Big Boss !


The reality show is finally on,

Of desperate, discards and wannabes

Plastic smiles, copious tears and cat fight

To grab attention and a bit of spotlight


All too tempting, the money in the game

Even more so is the promise of fame

Drawn like moths to a flickering flame

Do they still believe in any sense of shame ?


Feigning relations under the arc light

Friend today, foe when out of sight

So shallow is their sense of conviction

Evaporating it does with each eviction


Bizarre that it should be known as reality

Well rehearsed lives, no spontaneity

Could it be real the behavior so uncouth

Nothing can be more farther from truth


Sooner not later we would meet our doom

If votes decided who would live with whom

Natural feelings taken over by show of emote

As televisions are lives controlled by a remote


About hariharanbond
I am who I am !

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