Devil is in the details


There are devils in the fine print of most of the lucrative offers, be it from market leader Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Vodafone Essar, Idea Cellular or Aircel, as customers who lapped up these offers are beginning to discover.

Promise him the moon

Not to deliver any soon

Part of a company’s pride

To take customer for a ride


Applications and forms

Endless reams of paper

All aimed to sell the idea

Of a king to the pauper
Promise free calls to all

Made between twelve to one

Slip it in the fine print

Calls made from a lion’s den


It’s technology at the best

State of art and new age

It’s usually the first step

Of taking customer hostage


Don’t allow customer to think

Got all paperwork for him to ink

It’s a game of winning his trust

Once aboard he’s a speck of dust


It’s a make believe world

Trust, honesty virtues too old

No malice, I say it without rancor

It’s Marketing who w’d get the Oscar




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