17000 and counting more !

Here’s the unconventional warning – if you are a Tendulkar fan, you shouldnt be reading this.

The news first.

India, as usual, chokes at the end chasing a big total. (Hum, what’s new ?)

Tendulkar, scores a fantastic century, but India ends up losing the match (Hum, what’s new ? )

Tendulkar as usual fails to carry India home (Now, what’s this ?)

Yep, this is about the Bombay Bomber, Tendlya and his infamous, often overlooked failures.

Let me at the outset confess that i havent picked up a bat for over 15 years now and so i can be castigated as an arm-chair critic. (I often wonder why the admirers are never called so).

Be that as it may be, I have nothing to cavil about Tendulkar’s technical prowess or his mountain of records. But my point is that he fails when it matters most.

Let me stop here and now get on to the operative part of this post.

a) Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar after scoring his 17000th run in ODIs should now effectively be called Sachin ‘Run’esh Tendulkar.

b) Considering the fact that he has led India many times to the door of victory without successfully breaking it open, serious thought should be given to renaming him as Sachin Tendul’door’. It should also be remembered that ‘door’ would also double up as ‘door’ (distance) in Hindi making it convenient to suggest the times he has failed miserably when India needed him to fire the best. (Remember WC 2003 finals ?)

c) ICC should give a serious thought to adjusting his excess runs with the wafer thin margin of India’s several losses.  Considering the fact that the next best ODI batsman (Ricky Ponting) is about 4000 runs short of Tendulkar, such adjustment is justified and removes needless criticism such as this.

d) Whenever Sachin crosses a century, the on-field umpires should be replaced with 2 Marathi Manoos of Raj Thackeray sahab’s choice. Now which Maratha would have the courage to rule Tendulkar out and still be able to enter Mumbai ?

The ICC should give serious consideration to the above suggestions and India would never have to regret yet another Sachin century.

Hail the little master !!!

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