Only Indians make, receive missed calls: Study

India, wonderland of invention

New rules and newer convention

Communicating without a word spoken

A missed call, more than just a token

Announcing or acknowledging presence

The purpose served, in it’s  true essence

Even if it does add to increasing din

A missed call is, for both, a win-win


Ever growing, we’re told ,is tele density

Growing along with it is this propensity

Speaking costs money, why w’d anyone will

Turning in his grave, Alexander Graham Bell


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One Response to Only Indians make, receive missed calls: Study

  1. Ek Mamooli Aadmi says:

    The habit is as old as STD in India. Remember the ‘good old days’ when a 2-minute call home would strip you of half your pay packet ? I am sure the money we spent in those days was gainfully utilized to feed the the fat cows of ??? who now go under a different name of ????.

    A friend of mine spent his entire stay in hostel by daily giving a missed call to his parents at 10:30 pm. A single ring missed call meant “I am OK, how are you ?” A return single ring missed call at 10:35 pm meant “We are fine, thank you.” A 2-ring missed call meant “We need to talk, come on line…”

    Even now, most of Sarkari Baboos rely heavily on giving missed calls if calling from personal Mobiles.

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